Frank Zane Muscle Growth Program

2022-10-15 11:59:54 By : Mr. Aries Gu

The Frank Zane workout was created to build muscle like the former Mr. Olympia champion. Legendary for his classic good looks, Frank Zane’s physique wasn’t massive, but it was stunning. He earned the nickname “The Chemist” because he never looked burned or pumped up despite his large frame. Frank Zane’s classic lines and subtle muscle curvature made him both an inspiration and a role model for bodybuilders who want to be the best in their class.

He won many competitions and was one of the few people to ever beat Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 1977, 1978, and 1979 (Mr. Olympia), he won first place for his physique and usually came in second or third for overall points. He had to diet very carefully because he weighed only 180 pounds at 6'1″. Frank Zane didn't bulk up or cut. Instead, he stayed lean all year round and made small diet changes in preparation for competitions. He also used different training programs based on his competition calendar.

Frank Zane trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger and was influenced by the muscle-building methods of this bodybuilding great. Arnold Schwarzenegger split his training into three parts: chest/back, legs, and shoulders/triceps; and that’s the approach Frank Zane used for increasing muscle mass.

Remember that Zane was a professional bodybuilder. He trained six days a week and still made progress, but because he had time to rest and recover, he was able to perform at his best.

Zane Workout is a demanding program that requires a lot of hard work, attention to detail and focus. Don't try it unless you're willing to pay equal attention to nutrition, rest and recovery as you do the workouts.

Zane began his week of workouts by training his back, biceps, forearms, and abs. He started with deadlifts—wide-grip snatch-grip deadlifts to work his upper, mid, and lower back all at the same time. He used the pyramid method for many of his exercises.

Zane preferred to train his biceps with dumbbells rather than barbells, and he used the peak contraction method, pausing at the top of each rep and squeezing as hard as he could. This was believed to make muscles harder.

Zane's naturally slender body type caused his forearms to appear smaller than they were. Zane trained his forearms directly to make up for this fact, as many of his peers did not need to worry about having small forearms.

Frank Zane's leg workout begins with leg extensions, which he used as a warm-up rather than a muscle builder. He saved heavy extensions until later in the program, and then moved on to squats using the pyramid training method. The most remarkable thing about Zane's leg workout is how simple it is—even though he built world-class muscle!

Zane began bodybuilding with calves that were less than stellar. To ensure his lower legs kept pace with his thighs, he made sure to work them as hard as any other muscle group.

Frank Zane’s chest, shoulder, triceps, and abs workout was a long one. He made sure to hit every muscle from all possible angles. By combining heavy and light exercises, Frank Zane created one of the best upper bodies in bodybuilding history.

Repeat the process with 10-degree decline dumbbell flyes and cross bench dumbbell pullovers.

Frank Zane's shoulder workout focuses more on posterior and medial deltoids than anterior deltoids. He achieves this by bench pressing and doing flyes, while making sure his shoulders are perfectly proportioned by focusing on bent-over dumbbell lateral raises and side cable raises.

Frank Zane did cardio four days a week, even during a growth training cycle. He either ran 1.5 miles or cycled on a stationary bike for 15-20 minutes. This helped him maintain a low body fat percentage and improved his cardiovascular fitness while not interfering with his leg workouts.

Frank Zane's workout was simple but effective. It centered around compound exercises and focused on the right muscles, namely the shoulders, chest, back, and arms, in order to build a perfectly proportioned physique. Even if you're not trying to win Mr. Olympia, following this program will certainly give your physique a nice boost.

While training abs daily is somewhat controversial, bodybuilder Frank Zane’s approach worked for him. If you want to try Zane’s growth program for yourself, start by working out three times per week—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Six workouts per week may be too much, leading to overtraining and injuries.

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